Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Letter From R. Squirrel - Hey, Are You Nuts?

Hey, Are You Nuts?

If you haven't called Bruno Quintela for a FREE Wealth Analysis, you gotta be nuts (believe me, I know a nut when I see one). That "looking-out-for-you" consulting company whose back yard I live in hasn't given anything away free in a long time. He's even got my food in a dispenser that requires nickels! Sheesh.


Anyway, I can't believe he's giving away a FREE Wealth Analysis to look at your mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, installment loans, student loans and other issues that could cause a lot of expensive problems for you. But it's even harder for me to believe any sane person would fail to grab this offer before Bruno Quintela comes to his senses and starts charging for it. But what the heck do I know…I'm just a squirrel.


It'd Be A Shame For You To Miss Out On This Offer….

Peace of Mind, Lowered Stress Levels, Fewer Problems, and Fewer Fires To Put Out

- All FREE -

But You're Gonna Miss Out If You Wait Any Longer!

Are you aware that most people pay their debts three (3) to eight (8) times over the principal cost? Wouldn't you rather know where you are able to move around your financial plans and fix those areas before they turn into expensive problems and destroy your cash flow for retirement? Of course you would! That's why you'd be crazy not to take him up on his offer now.


Plus, I know that Bruno Quintela really knows his stuff. I live in the backyard and I hear what customers have to say. All of them comment on how responsive and reliable he is.

Lee and Carol Gross say "…Some things seem like they're too good to be true, but this one is THE REAL DEAL." Also, Susan Meyers said "…It lets you completely manage your finances and gives you total control. It's like you can feel yourself getting out of debt because you can see it right in front of you."

Joe T. mentioned that Bruno Quintela takes the time to explain what he's doing in plain English and never makes her feel dumb for asking.


But you have to hurry! Bruno Quintela is limiting the number of Free Wealth Analysis he's giving away to 12, and 7 are already spoken for! That's why you should call and schedule your free audit right now: 908-418-8325 or go to
and fill it out while it's FREE.




R. Squirrel


PS. When you see Bruno Quintela for your Free Wealth Analysis, could you please give him a few nuts to leave at the back door for me?

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