Sunday, March 22, 2009

Loan Officers, Realtors, Financial Advisors ----> Increase Business And Profits For Your Company! <----- LIVE EVENT

--> Generate Profits from files and previously closed customers!

--> No longer turn away potential customers because you can’t beat their rate!

--> Potentially continually generate profits from Loan Officers or Realtors who leave your company!

--> Potentially generate profits from other Mortgage or Real Estate Brokerages!
– Your Competition!

--> New profit centers at virtually no cost!

--> Generate profit even in a “flat” market!

Combine the power of this program to generate more business from previous customers, as well as, previous “call-ins.” In addition, you now have the opportunity to capture the customer who calls in to see if you can beat their rate! Or even to see if they can afford a home!
When your company can offer the opportunity for people to pay off a home in as little as 8 to 12 years, imagine what that can do to your bottom line! With no interruption to your current operation our system can start generating more potential profits to for your company starting now!


March 24th (Morning and Afternoon - call for details)

20 Crystal Run Crossing
Middletown, NY 10941
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Contact: Bruno Quintela
Phone : (908) 418-8325
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