Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Less than 20 Days away from biggest launch and it's FREE...

Lauch day is less than 20 days away...

If you have not pre-registered for FREE and gotten on the VIP list, then I highly recommend that you do.

Also, be sure to promote your own affiliate link as much as you can for the next 20 days

This is a great way to generate a monthly passive residual income and a great tool with a ton of value for anyone in business

(we have had some folks having great success on twitter as well as facebook and other social networks)

For Now, the pre-registration fee will be waived (i.e. you can save $299 for pre-registering today, no obligation to buy, but it will save you a lot if you get in on the VIP list now).

Continue to promote your own affiliate link to others.

And remember that because this is a business tool - any future costs are tax deductible!

Get in now and share with others at www.mybizpack.com/onetool

This powerful tool will absolutely help anyone who owns a business - regardless if it is web-based, home-based, or brick-and-mortar.

There are so many positive benefits.

Enjoy the pre-launch promotion everyone.

Here's to helping everyone's bottom line in 2009.


Bruno Quintela
The Mortgage Eraser

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